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This dish is crunchy, salty, and light

We crisp our hand cut green plantain and marbled taro root chips in organic coconut oil and artisanal sea salt until they’re golden, crunchy, and perfect. Definitely double dip in our spicy-sweet mango salsa and our founder’s favorite chimichurri made with fresh-from-the garden herbs.




Key Ingredients

Tropical Traditions' organic virgin coconut oil
Murray River sea salt
Montebello's organic extra virgin olive oil
Red Wagon Farm's organic mint
Rebel Farm's organic cilantro
Red Wagon Farm's organic flat leaf parsley
Red Wagon Farm's organic sweet bell peppers
Red Wagon Farm's organic garlic
Red Wagon Farm's organic red onions
  • Nutrition
  • Preparation Methods
  • All Ingredients
Calories Protein Carbs Fiber
305 2 grams 40 grams 4 grams

Enjoy cool

Green plantains
Taro root
Murray River sea salt
Tropical Traditions’ organic virgin coconut oil


Rebel Farm’s organic fresh oregano, cilantro
Red Wagon Farm’s organic garlic, flat leaf parsley
Montebello’s organic extra virgin olive oil

Bragg’s organic raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Rocky Mountain Spice Company’s organic chili flakes
Big Tree Farms’ organic coconut sugar
Kosher salt


Mango Salsa
Haden mango
Red Wagon Farm’s organic jalapeño, red onions, red bell peppers
Rebel Farm’s organic cilantro
Red Wagon Farm’s organic mint
La Tourangelle’s artisanal avocado oil
Kosher salt

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