Candida Diet FriendlyCholesterol FreeDairy FreeEgg FreeGluten FreeGrain FreeHigh in Omega-3sKetogenic Diet FriendlyLow CalorieLow CarbLow CholesterolLow SodiumNo Added SugarGMO FreeNut FreeOrganicPaleoPareveRawShellfish FreeSodium FreeSoy FreeSuper FoodSustainably FarmedSustainably SourcedVeganVegetarianWhole30 Approved


Boxed Water purifies municipal drinking water with reverse osmosis and carbon filtration processes. 74% of every Boxed Water box is made from a renewable resource, trees. Boxes are fully recyclable and free of BPAs and phthalates. With each #ReTree post of @boxedwater, Boxed Water will plant two trees. Don’t forget to tag us, too. @frontfortyfoods, #frontfortyfoods

This water is thirst quenching, pure, and eco friendly

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Purified drinking water

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